Work Force and Human Resource Management

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One might wonder why the human resource industry in general is growing year after year. We are talking about consultants, recruiting, headhunting, interim resources, vicar service and alumni services

Human resource managers recognize the pressure for effectively handling multiple tasks from workforce development to managing payroll and employment legalities. Firstly, let us look at some of the surprisingly facts of interest for the HR industry from the leading research companies:

  • “1.3 billion people, will work remote using mobile technology in 2015. That is 37.2% of the entire workforce.” Source: IDC 
  • “Video provides a 32% greater reduction in cost pr. hire. Video yields a 35% year-over-year improvement in time to hire.” Source: “Bridging distance in the Talent Life Cycle” by Aberdeen Research Group 
  • “Job roles will likely change, more employees may work remotely, more employees will be contracts and this picture will be continuously evolving.” Source: Deloitte 
  • “Collaboration across virtual spaces will need to be actively and skilfully managed – and this may require new set of management practices and training.” Source: Kelly Services “HR and the workplace of the future” 
  • According to research done by Redshift, integrated video conferencing in HRM and CRM systems is the number one preferred recruiting tool by the year of 2016.

Improving an existing recruiting process is a low priority for some, but what these professionals do not realise is that a new available technique is capable of greatly speeding up any recruiting process.

This technique is the video interviewing technology developed by Talent Finder® and Rekrutteringsfirmaet A/S in which you can store CV’s, reviewed job interviews and Psychology Maps/tests for later positions.

Talent Finder® has developed methods for improving the quality of interviews, handling of the meetings and handling of meetings with our customers.

Without the collaboration between existing recruiting agencies/partners, Talent Finder® could not exist.

From our sister company WWW.AGILUDVIKLING.DK the solution came with an Agile Development saving for us. From start to end we used 35 working days.

Video Recruitment and

Video Conferencing for HR Professionals has many advantages

In the HR industry and in general at the human resources offices in the life science business today, efficiency is key.

HR leaders demands better ways to 1) recruit, 2) train, and 3) retain the workforce and to stimulate top talent.

With this in mind, many organizations are realizing that nothing works better than face-to-face collaboration when driving productivity and improving engagement.

Better Recruiting, better Training, and better Retaining of  Work force and top talent

Many recruitment employees and HR leaders knows that the top talent is not always close by. However, traveling to recruit the best and brightest can be time consuming and very expensive. Companies that utilize video conferencing to facilitate virtual interviews can evaluate candidates more efficiently while significantly shortening the hiring cycle. Shortening this recruiting cycle can notably reduce the bottom line while also driving productivity up significantly.

The first few weeks of any job can be very stressful for both the new employee and an organization. Therefore, the onboarding process needs to be conducted as efficiently and effectively as possible. Using video collaboration tools for this process helps eliminate travel, creates an effective training environment regardless of location and increases efficiency by allowing multiple employees to participate together at the same time.

Conduct Efficient Training

From educating new employees to on-going education for the rest of the organization, an effective overall training process can take a lot of time and resources. A great training system can be a highly effective asset for an organization by keeping employees updated quickly with new or important information. Deploying video collaboration to conduct, record, and broadcast these training sessions can drastically increase efficiency while reducing the strain on resources.

Human Resource Management and Workforce Management Foundation

Talent Finder uses an agile developed platform capable of storing all data from hrPsychology/CRM/ERP/Video on each client.

  • Our integration platform is an independent agile software development for Human Resource Management and Workforce Management based on integration of Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync Servers, Sugar CRM by SalesForce and Orange HRM. 
  • It also includes Internal Recruiting with CV, psychology profiles, HR metering, SMS and Email Remind booking for both onsite meetings and video meetings.
  • Round Table Workforce, where two or more engineers/pharmacists solve problems, work on projects or with project management. These ‘Work from Home’ systems allows participants attending by using online video saving time and money.

We accomplish the ease of meetings (no. 1 timesaver), better evaluation quality of the recorded job interview and later on review of those for other positions. Organizations, that do not utilize the integrations above mentioned, are predicted to be left behind in the competition.

They cannot harvest the benefits of the smoother automatic handling and the thousands of hours saved.

Orange HRM is the most used HRM system in our sector and we did integrate HR Workforce Psychology profiles into Talent Finder® profiles and stored that in one screen, including past job interviews and employment meetings. On Alumni Tracker we track all students and even if they do not use Talent Finder®, we store all information about new jobs during time.

New HRM software makes integration easier

However, there is currently no software capable of handling such integration. Many great technologies works well in and on themselves but has no integration API interfaces.

That is why we recognized the need for an HR and workforce integration tool, that integrates to all ERP, CRM, HR, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and the many existing Enterprise systems. In addition, many enterprises miss the best hires and experts, simply because the HR process itself is slow and do not integrate reminders and handle of the various systems to keep track of Psychology profiles, CV’s, Contact information and internal recruiting.

While many do not doubt this 21st-century recruiting tool, others are having problems as they are bound to monetize on software, which is not open source, not able to integrate or simply outdated according to the needs and wishes in the organization.

Talent Finder® reaches more qualified candidates in less time and at lower costs

Many universities are integrated in Talent Finder® in such a way that we can interact with students already at the year before graduating. We do not attend in all university fairs but utilize a Talent Finder® Profile Tracker and Match Care by following the candidate through many jobs and educations.

Moreover, system integration might be the right way for the recruitment industry as a whole. A lack of qualified resources is the reason. Harvard Business School reports that the online and video recruitment of students is more than 70%. Hence, as only 28% do not use use video, it is normal within the field of recruiting university-graduated students.

In addition, the fact that we can integrate our software to run with LinkedIn, Facebook, Social Media in general and other recruiting portals are crucial to get desired candidate nowadays. Pre-graduating and graduating students prefer video interviews as a means to reduce the amount of time away from studies or classes. Also because of the long lines at campus job fairs and off-campus interviews take too much of their time.

As a result, Rekrutteringsfirmaet A/S offers both HR and Workforce Management, delivering the right candidate (with psychology profile). In summary: A recent study done by HR Research concludes that companies in need of candidates want to utilize the benefits of those technologies.

No less than 75% of all companies in the Life Science industry, which has a great need for engineers and pharmacists, are likely to invest in such technologies. This is, by all means, to harvest the lower hanging fruits of more efficient handling in the future.

Talent Finder® offers a local and global moveable Workforce

The perfect job candidate may not be situated in your country. In Talent Finder® all candidates are choosing which countries they would like to work in and move to. We could never ensure the perfect qualifications and psychology research without video interviews for those and it is a natural tool in our daily Match Care.

This is due to that video interviewing and conferencing removes distance barriers to connecting with global candidates. According to recent research from the Boston based, Aberdeen Group in USA, HR managers and the recruitment and consultant industry should realize the need to embrace the integration of new technologies in order to grow their talent pool and conquer geographical boundaries.

The alternative is to recruit your resources by using companies mastering this skill. Rekrutteringsfirmaet A/S is currently the only one in Europe. Not using best breed and good business sense in order to take full value of your Talent Management can be costly.

A bad, old or non-integrated recruiting process can mean bigger costs, higher workforce, bigger organization to manage and will eventually mean less output from the HR departments. We supply contract hiring at around half the price of other agencies, as we have a bigger volume and lower internal costs.

Our candidates and services offer:

  • Interim Directors, Board of Directors, CXO, managers and consultants
  • Advisory consultants
  • Consultants for qualification, documentation and approvals
  • Recruitment of full-time and part-time employees
  • Temporary and maternity staff
  • Student recruitment after graduation (Alumni)
  • Outplacement of work forces after ended projects

Discover the benefits, which are included in all candidates from Talent Finder® and contact us at phone: +45 321 77777 ext. 222

Kindly regards from Michael Rasmussen, Director of Talent Finder®

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