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Nanny & Au-Pair Jobs

Please enter your name, contact information and, your CV/resume. Your personal data such as name, phone and address will be retained for internal use only, until you agree to release it to a potential new employer. Here is some job description:

The Talent Finder® and VERIO® network are our partner networks and we do collaborate with those companies around the world who has an estimated workforce of 25.000 employees and represent 300.000 candidates from 75 countries within 300 offices around the world. Our clients are asking for Au-pair and Nanny M/K from all around the world.

General info for Nanny/Au-Pair

For our clients in the Nordic region of Europe, we seek around 50 Au-Pair and Nanny positions on average per year. The only demands are that you can take care of a home, make food and take care of kids. Often as a Nanny, you will realise that they have an Aupair already.

AuPair Job

For the Aupair you will have a salary of minimum 4.450,- DKK including your own room, 3 meals a day and a working period of 3-5 hour pr. day in average and 1 day free. The family MUST pay a fee of 17.645 DKK. for Danish lessons. All nationalities can search but we can take care of the demanded Filipino Red Ribbon from the Philippine Government.

Nanny Job

Nanny working time is 160,33 hours a month. Nanny salary is in Norway 22.287,- Denmark: 24.050,- Sweden: 16.760,- Baltikum: 15.350,- Finland: 17.950,- Germany: 16.000,- Tax is deducted and we will provide you with a 2-4 years VISA.

The 100% free job recruitment process

When a client shows interest, we will ask you if you want to proceed. If you agree, we will support the preparation of your Job contract. If the family or the employee selects you as a candidate, they will normally ask you or us for a meeting or a teleconference. The screening process and the JOB-Contract are 100% free as we get paid by employees or the family. Read about Screening here, which is free for the candidate. One of our consultants will assist you through the entire recruitment process.

You CAN NOT be anonymously for these kinds of positions. We might share info with the EU and Nordic Recruiting companies and the TalentFinder® network.

CV and VISA requirements

It is essential to have a perfect written CV or resume with a photo. The Talent Finder® database will publish it to our clients and families. It is always 100% FREE for the candidate.

General price list

If you don’t have a VISA or have Au-Pair contract but wish to change job you have to prepare for a meeting for that 1 hour. That also goes for an expired VISA. See U-M.DK. Here is our hour price list including tax for options:

Assistance in the making of a Resume/CV625,-
General advisory with a job consultant1.243,-
Contract renewal/Salary Negotiation1.243,-
Attorney Advisory about VISA/Work Permit1.875,-
Expired VISA meeting1.875,-

Your CV and Resume should contains the following entries: (Checklist)

Name, age, civil status and family, nationality, languages and native language, E-mail, Phone, Photo, Place you live now, Background info and personal description, education, working experience, authorisations, certifications, skills, driver’s license status. It should also contain links to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

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WWW.U-M.DK – If you need a work permit and/or SCHENGEN VISA for a shorter or longer period as a worker, self-employed, consultant, Aupair, nanny, Nurse, business owner, teacher, advisor e.t.c. then please visit the SCHENGEN VISA SERVICE

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