Danish companies are the most Innovative in Europe…

Gallup ranks the country Denmark as the most innovative country.

The study is set up i that way that it measures the ability to come up with new products, new ways to make the innovation it self, the work processes and how to do the business in general in each country in Europe.

Especially the ability of European companies to come up with new products, new work processes and ways to market themselves.

Innovation in 27 EU countries

Based on the innovation in 27 EU countries the investigations was found on the views of 30,000 business leaders and representatives of employees in the private sector. Denmark receives a top ranking with the highest percentage of companies that have introduced new or significantly improved processes since early 2010.

The key are the ability to perform with access for Innovation Consultants and general advisory from government sources

The director of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Christian T. Ingemann, is not surprised by the outcome of the study:

“The study confirms that Denmark is among leaders in translating knowledge and energy to the work processes and products that provide business value,” he says.

The Chamber of Commerce notes that the research reflects the business environment in Denmark and highlights the role of the Danish government in helping companies strengthen business innovation by offering easier access to research and business advice.

Danish companies reinvent well-known products with commercial success

The study points to the fact that Danish business environment is particularly developed in regards to introducing new and improved working processes.

According to Robert Austin, professor at Copenhagen Business School, the line between product innovation and marketing is blurring and marketing is used as powerful innovation tool. An example of one of many successful Danish companies to do this is Vipp. The company sells luxury trash bins and accessories for bathroom.

“Vipp produces articles as trash bins and toilet brushes that are usually not given a high value. But if you go to their website, there is a video where they got a costume designer for Lady Gaga to design evening dresses for trash bins. Crazy, but it put the product in new light and makes us smile. We like it “, he says.

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