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For consulting companies, we can supply an agreement to have your candidates in our database and/or you can have all our candidates in our network in your database.

We provide candidates for a wide range of companies and organisations in the Life Science industry.

The Talent Finder® network and services bring you two major benefits:

  • Promote your expertise and your consultants for a wider client audience
  • Search Talent Finder® for expertise to meet your clients’ needs

How it works

You need to be registered as a user or have a Talent Finder® ID to promote a CV or use the “our bulk parser”, which can take all WORD documents and all data formats.

This is a free service. A search for suitable candidates can be executed in less than a minute. A search for suitable candidates can be executed in less than a minute. You can search in two ways: Globally by keyword to match candidate profiles or by selecting one or more categories. The matching candidates will be shown in a list format.


It is possible to upload anonymous talent profiles in the Talent Finder® database; this is to respect the privacy of candidates — and to secure your company’s and client’s rights. Many jobs are never posted as free and are given only by anonymity.

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