The missing link

In the Life Science industry, it is well known that time is money and a wrong decision can be extremely costly.

Therefore, hiring an expert for a shorter or longer period of time is a well known concept.

Below are some examples of how an expert, or a team of experts, can be used. The drug is almost ready for clinical trials, but where is the device for clinical trials and for commercial approval?

  • Device concepts are available, but which one to choose? It could be crucial to have access to a human factor engineer
  • Which supplier can safely meet our product requirements?
  • Which processes should be made at your own production facility and which processes should be done by CMO?
  • Should we use ready-to-sterilize or ready-to-use components for our new product?
  • We have problems with contamination, how can we find and eliminate the root cause?
  • How can user feed-back teach us to make better products?

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