Talent Finder® Screening and quality control of employees

Talent Finder® is a registered trademark which is also used during the screening of staff and for qualifying and managing talents in your company for the composition of teams or by repositioning.

TALENT FINDER A/S is a market leader in the use of psychological tools as well as measurements of results, quality of work and mental work environment.

We are the only company in the Nordic countries that measures the activity on your employees’ computers so that you can see the average number of keystrokes per minute, hour, day, week and month, etc. This is of great importance in all production and development companies.

Psychology Screening of staff can be divided into 3 types:

  1. Before starting the job, to ensure that the candidate is screened with the Talent Finder® Psychological Test for at least 1 hour.
  2. For all employees by categorizing the potentials and qualifications of current employees
  3. At Change Management where one of our directors makes structural changes in organizations and companies

Talent Finder® Standard Screening before job start

The Talent Finder® consultant carefully examines the candidate’s previous jobs, leadership experience and social index abilities, receives a criminal record from the police and reviews the skills and potentials of the candidate.

It helps to ensure that our candidates are of a high standard. We guarantee that.

We work in many industries and have an interdisciplinary experience in many industries in Denmark.

Talent Finder® Psychological Tools

For your current employees, we can prepare a psychological and work qualification barometer.

This means that you can better position your employees both in promotions and in team composition.

Within temporary and permanent teams, we have extensive experience with via VERIO® which is precisely based on the composition of temporary teams for example. busy periods and / or documentation, patents, research or e.g. period limited companies such as. Tivoli and the hill.

Psychology Tools and Tests price list

Psychological Screening Before Job Start1.995,-
5-9 candidates discount50%
50-99 candidates discount60%
More than 100 candidatesCall
Psychological Tools Barometer, qualification and potential test2.995,-
For more than 10 candidates discountCall
APV Workplace assessment with report1.995,-
Psychology Tools Minimum1.995,-
Psychology Tools Standard2.995,-
Psychology Tools Professional4.995,-

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