Lack of manpower means that many recruitment companies report sold out, but not with us

In light of record growth of no less than 4.7% in 2021, cf. it has become much easier to get jobs. Despite Corona, we have to go all the way back to 1994 to find precedents.

It is the case that many companies advertise in vain for labor, so we can well venture the claim that it is almost difficult not to get a job. Precisely, the table below gives a total of 85,600 unsuccessful recruitments and in Denmark there are estimated approximately 200,000 jobs that could have been filled if you could have got labor.

Apart from the fact that it is a distress call to the Danish Parliament to reduce the minimum wage for people outside the EU under the Pay Limit Scheme to, for example, 25,000, – it is the workers’ market that can largely choose between a lot of jobs.

The Danish economy is in international top shape with the lowest unemployment rate and recruitment companies report sold out

Most economists had expected moderate growth of about 2% but the economy is in top shape and it turns out that the result was a doubling of expectations.

Most would have thought that the two years of international corona crisis would have eroded the treasury and also the Danes’ personal finances. Fortunately, these are conjectures that did not hold true. On the contrary.

Statistics Denmark can this morning state that we have to go back a long way to find a greater growth, namely to 1994.

Statistics Denmark’s figures show that growth in 2021 was a total of 4.7 percent.  This means that it is the highest growth in a total of 27 years.

As expected, Minister of Finance Nicolai Wammen (S) welcomes the development:

“Today’s figures establish with seven inch nails that the Danish economy came out of 2021 booming”, and he also says that “last year there has also been a historically large increase in employment, which increased by 2.6 percent corresponding to 78,200 people.”

says the Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen

This is what the Minister of Finance told Ritzau today.

Latest report from the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment:

Job titleVain recruitmentsUnsuccessful recruitment attempts as a percentage
Social and health assistant725040%
Social and health care worker469041%
Shop Assistant464025%
Driver, freight, distribution, mixed driving452045%
Warehouse and Logistics Officer440035%
Customer Service Representative279022%
Kitchen assistant274029%
Disability Helper259042%
Shop assistant254035%
Sales Support Assistant210028%
Office assistant189023%
Programmer and system developer152035%
School educator133029%
Driver, special transport116050%
Primary school teacher102020%
Student assistant84017%
Mechanical Engineer82032%
Project manager75030%
Teaching assistant70020%
Accounting and Accounting Assistant70022%
Service technician, cleaning and property service67021%
Production Worker60025%
IT consultant50014%
IT Technician45019%

Source: and the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment

Photo credit: courtesy of Keld Navntoft (Photographer) (C) Copyright 2022

Author: Michael Rasmussen