Talent Finder® for more facilities and better employees…

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PRESS RELEASE 04-05-2016 (SECTION: HR / JOB / LIFE SCIENCE) “Talent Finder® for more facilities and better employees”

Rekrutteringsfirmaet A/S is a Danish-owned recruitment company offering: employees, consultants, senior managers, interim managers, researchers, temporary workers, recent graduates and seniors and some of them are never looking for a job.

The Talent Finder® network is the ones we work with internationally. They are independent companies and has around 25,000 permanent employees in 75 countries with around 300,000 candidates including about 4,600 Danish. Here, you can save time and money on all Danish and foreign employees, consultants, re-assignments and HR services.

The specialist in Life Science Recruiting

We specialize in the Life Science industry. The best candidates are often only available through Talent Finder®. The level of quality is ensured by your requirements, industry knowledge, HR video, interviews and psychological profiling.

Talent Finder® partners include: Altran since 1982 (No. 1) Allegis since 1983 (No. 2), DHR since 1980 (No. 4), (Michael) Page Group since 1976 (No. 5), RGF since 1960 ( no. 6), USG People since 1997 (no. 9) and others

References are Novartis, Pfizer, Amgen, Merck, Roche, GSK, Novo Nordisk, NNE Pharmaplan, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, CVS, Lilly, Siemens, PWC Danone, Carlsberg, Shell, Statoil, Ramboll, BASF, Maersk, IBM, HP, Apple Nokia, Microsoft, SAP, E & Y and Deloitte.

25 years of experience and exclusive unique products:

  • TALENT FINDER® Danish and foreign graduates as consultants or employees
  • CONSULTANTS can start today, including scientists, PhDs, engineers, pharmacists and IT experts
  • VERIO® PHARMACEUTICAL DOCUMENTATION TEAM frees important time for project work
  • VERIO® MACHINE SAFETY directives for machines including CE, EMC, ATEX, DER, EHS, APV, Environment and ISO / IEC / EN415
  • MATCH CARE INTERNATIONAL unique system for the supply of graduates who are not otherwise jobseekers
  • JUNIOR CARE university alumnus cooperation in 62 countries for 1-3 years experienced
  • SENIOR CARE 60+ for experienced candidates, consultants, interim managers, managers and temporary workers
  • OUTPLACEMENT 90% lønforsikring when needed to reduce staff/costs
  • ROUND TABLE solution for rapid knowledge approach, bottlenecks, smaller tasks and projects
  • HR SUPPORT for Life Science Certified, HR Video HR Psychology, HR Software, HR Training and HR certifications

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