Quality Lifecycle Management – Product Lifecycle Management – PLM

Have you thought of automating the generation of your PFMEA, DFMEA and control plans to save time and money?

Thereby helping the ongoing process of keeping your portfolio in compliance with internal and authorities’ requirements. PLMOver the years lifecycle management/product maintenance has taken more and more time from the academic work force in the pharmaceutical industry.

Therefore, time has come use new new methods. You are probably still using manual processes even though new systems are available for streamlining the process of internal and external compliance updates.
By using new systems, you will discover how the supply chain management will become a natural part of the compliance updates.

PLM is a must-have for product manufacturers.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) comprises the processes and practices associated with managing a product throughout its lifecycle. From its conception through design and manufacturing stages, to service and decommission.
Product lifecycle management software utilises PLM methodologies to provide a central repository for all data and assets enabling workers to collaborate on products in real time.
When effectively implemented and leveraged, PLM software can merge business systems, people and data processes to facilitate a streamlined approach to product development. These solutions will benefit any business that creates and sells products. Today’s PLM software solutions are both comprehensive and collaborative.
The software tracks and records information from various sources and departments, making that information available to suppliers, engineers, marketing teams and other departments that are vital to product development.
Your product lifecycle management software should also manage product design (both 2D and 3D design elements), oversee the production pipeline, work in real time and significantly reduce the costs associated with regulatory compliance. PLM software should also effectively manage bill of materials (BOMs).

Innovation Support PLM with resource tracking

The benefits from Rekrutteringsfirmaet A/S includes a 360-degree kind of 3D quality management with checkpoints for each subject and each point of attention, a rating system and a resource metering with names and organisation names of each product. By doing that the benefits are numerous:

  1. You can SEE the costs in money and in time, why it is easy to make budgets for each product, process and new products, and to see which people this involves.
  2. You can measure the effectivity of each resource and see any DELAY in individual process concurrently in the whole organisation
  3. Measure any 3rd party delivery workforce and consulting workforce efficiency in general

The Consultant Tracker allows you to track how many key strokes a consultant delivers each day, whether he works in your organisation or from home, and especially how much time is used, and how many breaks etc. compared to the average key input per minute.
We have installed this in many organisations, leading to renegotiating of contracts, projects and delivery methods, and results are always the same, an increase of up to 5,000 percent in delivery from external or internal consultants.
Another way to implement our metering services is to install this in the normal working place environment, to maintain a tracking of the overall efficiency with names on employees & department resources.
Discover this attractive easy-to-implement facility @ Rekrutteringsfirmaet A/S, phone: +45 31951111 ext. 222.
Talent Finder A/S offers the following certified personel as consultants, for normal hire and as freelance in projects:

  • Quality Lifecycle Management Consultant
  • Product Maintenance Consultant
  • Certified PLM Provider

They are certified in a wide range of software used in administration of QLM and product portfolios.

Contact our PLM/CAD Division on +45 321 77777.