Mission Statement for the recruiting firm

Talent Finder® makes the world healthier

  • Facilitates a dynamic and innovative candidate market place
  • Placing the strong experts where they make an important difference
  • Grows talents by giving the individuals the right challenges
  • Bring time to market and project time consuming down by using VERIO® Pharmaceutical Documentation Teams

Talent Finder® works for all stakeholders in the industry

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufactures
  • Biotech companies and universities
  • Component and Contract Manufacturing Organisations
  • Consulting Companies & Design Houses
  • Individual Talents

Talent Finder® facilitates a market place for talent

  • By providing Talent Finder® databases for the industry
  • Finds the subject matter experts for important projects
  • Assists consultant organisations finding the right candidates for their clients
  • Brings interdisciplinary inspiration to the industry via Life Science Round Table, established by Rekrutteringsfirmaet A/S

Labor rent rules and foreign labor

Although the Ukrainian workforce is predominantly women, right now there are many of them, and most people want a job here and now. This is good news for the Horesta area and the ...

Lack of manpower means that many recruitment companies report sold out, but not with us

In light of record growth of no less than 4.7% in 2021, cf. https://metropolinternational.com/historiske-store-afkast-for-dansk-oekonomi-sender-os-i-verdenseliten/ it has become much easier to get jobs. Despite Corona, we have to go all the way back to ...

Forskelsbehandlingsloven forbyder at spørge til ansøgers alder

Det er nu ulovligt at spørge til en kandidats alder. Det er vedtaget den 22. marts 2022 i Folketinget vedr. en ændring af lov om forbud mod forskelsbehandling på arbejdsmarkedet m.v. I daglig ...