Does your supplier deliver what you really need?

The globe is getting smaller every day;  we can now reach nearly every corner of our world in one day, but at the same time we also become more and more busy.

Questions as mentioned below become more and more frequent on the corporate agenda;

  • How close are you to your supplier?
  • Do you know how your suppliers think or do they know how you think?
  • When was the last time you walked down the production line where your product is manufactured?
  • Can TCs (teleconference) replace the visit at the supplier’s production facility?
  • Did the designer of your new device meet and talk with the technical expert on the production floor?
  • How can the designers know the constrains in process technologies? How can they know the new technologies at the supplier; that other companies already are producing in accordance with?
  • How can the technical experts at the supplier really know what you need?