Ny rekrutterings- og HR støtte fra Talent Finder A/S

Tryk for PDF dokumentet Ny HR støtte fra TALENT FINDER® (Life Science, HR, IT & Job marked) TALENT FINDER®  er et internationalt rekrutterings- og headhunter samvirke med repræsentation og partnere i 75 lande. Vi har mange danske kandidater og flytbare internationale kandidater ”på lager” via egne kontorer og Talent Finder®. Få kandidater til fastansættelser, vikariater eller som … Read more

Talent Finder® A/S acquires Agiludvikling.dk

Talent Finder® A/S acquired Agiludvikling.dk – a provider of IT staff, Offshore consultants and Nordic consultants. The date of the takeover is 01.01.2016. The talents base consists of; IT Engineers and “Rent-a-CTO” Agile Certified Project leaders Agile Certified Programming Knowledge NOSQL Bigdata Engineers Bigdata SAN Engineer Information Care Encryption Engineers Datasecurity and data breach Engineers … Read more

Talent Finder® in sales agreement with NTT® (241.000 employees)

NTT® is established in 1955, operates in nearly 200 countries and is ranked No. 41 on the FORBES list of the worlds biggest companies. NTT has good earnings with a total sale around 10 billion dollars yearly. Both Gartner, Forbes and IDG are listing NTT® in many sectors as No. 1 or among Top 5 worldwide. … Read more

Capability of suppliers

In a busy project schedule, it may be hard to maintain the overview of services available in the market. Suppliers developing new processes and products and companies are merging. At the same time new players enter the marketplace as well. When was the last time you screened the market for providing the service need in … Read more