Patent Filling

Til styrkelsen af vor patentafdeling hos Innovation Support A/S tiltræder PatentAdvokat, PhD, Peter Elsner

PatentAdvokat MSc PhD i biokemi/cellebiologi. CDPA (Certificeret Dansk Patent Agent fra DIFI) Diploma Craft Brewer. 12 års forskningserfaring fra KU og Novo Nordisk A/S indenfor farmaceutiske in vitro-modeller til test af lægemiddelkandidater og lægemidler.

IPR erfaring og 5 år som Senior Examiner ved myndighederne og resten som Patent Attorney i fri praksis. De tekniske områder har været kemi, bioteknologi, fødevarer og diagnostik. Udvikling af IPR-strategier.

Ønsker du at Peter skal komme forbi, så ring gerne 31951111.

Talentfinder® Headhunting Recruiting

Talent Finder® Headhunting is part of Talent Finder®, an international collaboration of experienced search agencies. We are 650 Headhunters who work for you and your goals and we all work with the HighPerform measurement, which means that each candidate is measured on previous and ongoing results. As a HighPerform Headhunter organization, we work internationally with …

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What Nokia learned from Novo Nordisk

From the overdose to the smart phone Few Dane know that the glass we touch several times a day actually have relationships to Novo Nordisk. How comes? We’re talking about smart phones and our contact with the outside world through our fingertips on a touch screen. In the end 80s Novo Nordisk decided to do …

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Ny rekrutterings- og HR støtte fra Talent Finder A/S

Tryk for PDF dokumentet Ny HR støtte fra TALENT FINDER® (Life Science, HR, IT & Job marked) TALENT FINDER®  er et internationalt rekrutterings- og headhunter samvirke med repræsentation og partnere i 75 lande. Vi har mange danske kandidater og flytbare internationale kandidater ”på lager” via egne kontorer og Talent Finder®. Få kandidater til fastansættelser, vikariater eller som …

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Work Force and Human Resource Management

Read as PDF file One might wonder why the human resource industry in general is growing year after year. We are talking about consultants, recruiting, headhunting, interim resources, vicar service and alumni services Human resource managers recognize the pressure for effectively handling multiple tasks from workforce development to managing payroll and employment legalities. Firstly, let us look …

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Protect your new products today

Many companies are busy with new products and spend big budgets to develop and test them. What they often neglect is to spend a few hours more securing freedom to operate by filing the right applications for their inventions. The technology today allows you to handle the protection process right from your office desk or …

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Documentation ties up your resources

Many experts use their time preparing documents instead of developing and testing new products This is a double edged sword. The company will need to hire more experts, difficult to find locally or even on the international scene. The experts, on the other hand, do not feel challenged in their job and will consider leaving …

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