Talentfinder® Headhunting Recruiting

Talent Finder® Headhunting is part of Talent Finder®, an international collaboration of experienced search agencies. We are 650 Headhunters who work for you and your goals and we all work with the HighPerform measurement, which means that each candidate is measured on previous and ongoing results. As a HighPerform Headhunter organization, we work internationally with … Read more

Talent Finder® for more facilities and better employees…

This document on the letterhead in PDF: https://rekrutteringsfirmaet.dk/wp-content/uploads/REKRUTTERING_UK_MAI2016.pdf PRESS RELEASE 04-05-2016 (SECTION: HR / JOB / LIFE SCIENCE) “Talent Finder® for more facilities and better employees” Rekrutteringsfirmaet A/S is a Danish-owned recruitment company offering: employees, consultants, senior managers, interim managers, researchers, temporary workers, recent graduates and seniors and some of them are never looking for a … Read more

Life sciences in Copenhagen

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Life sciences in Greater Copenhagen Greater Copenhagen’s life sciences industry is world leading for R&D spending, clinical testing and drug development. Denmark is number two in the world for developing biotechnology and number one in Europe in number of clinical trials per capita, owing to a strong life science industry employing more than 40,000 … Read more

Denmark awarded no. 1 place in the world, to do business

Once again, the research and news provider Forbes has checked and listed the business friendliness and environment of the world’s biggest economies. Denmark ranks on top for a second straight year and sixth time overall. Forbes . com ranked the Best Countries for Business by grading 144 nations on 11 different factors: property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, … Read more

OrangeHRM – the world’s leading HR software integrates to Talent Finder®

Valued at over $20 billion globally, the human resources technology and talent management market is one of the fastest growing segments in business IT — and it shows no signs of slowing down. Talent Finder® Recruiting and Rekrutteringsfirmaet A/S has integrated OrangeHRM® solutions with integration into our portfolio of HR software, mainly from SAP & Oracle Talent … Read more

Ny rekrutterings- og HR støtte fra Talent Finder A/S

Tryk for PDF dokumentet Ny HR støtte fra TALENT FINDER® (Life Science, HR, IT & Job marked) TALENT FINDER®  er et internationalt rekrutterings- og headhunter samvirke med repræsentation og partnere i 75 lande. Vi har mange danske kandidater og flytbare internationale kandidater ”på lager” via egne kontorer og Talent Finder®. Få kandidater til fastansættelser, vikariater eller som … Read more

Talent Finder® A/S acquires Agiludvikling.dk

Talent Finder® A/S acquired Agiludvikling.dk – a provider of IT staff, Offshore consultants and Nordic consultants. The date of the takeover is 01.01.2016. The talents base consists of; IT Engineers and “Rent-a-CTO” Agile Certified Project leaders Agile Certified Programming Knowledge NOSQL Bigdata Engineers Bigdata SAN Engineer Information Care Encryption Engineers Datasecurity and data breach Engineers … Read more