Talent Finder® A/S acquires Agiludvikling.dk

Talent Finder® A/S acquired Agiludvikling.dk – a provider of IT staff, Offshore consultants and Nordic consultants. The date of the takeover is 01.01.2016.

The talents base consists of;

  • IT Engineers and “Rent-a-CTO”
  • Agile Certified Project leaders
  • Agile Certified Programming Knowledge
  • NOSQL Bigdata Engineers
  • Bigdata SAN Engineer
  • Information Care Encryption Engineers
  • Datasecurity and data breach Engineers
  • Art Director Web Designers and CMS developers

Recruiting of CTO: Chief Technology Officer / CMO: Contact management system Offshore Development and IT Outsourcing is also one of the services. Agil udvikling is providing Agile Development, consultants and has 44 Danish consultants and around 650 developers offshore.

50% discount with 50% faster delivery

By combining OFFSHORE development with AGILE CERTIFICATION you will get minimum 50% lower price and a 50% faster delivery. Prices starts at 15 EUROS. The Agile Development company are providing experts from the following countries.

  1. Denmark from 53 EUR
  2. Sweden from 53 EUR
  3. Baltic from 26 EUR
  4. Germany from 66 EUR
  5. France from 40 EUR
  6. USA from 40 EUR
  7. India from 26 EUR
  8. Ukraine from 20 EUR

The low minimum price apply for bigger projects and is based on Danish Supervision with a Danish Project Management/Leader.

Agiludvikling.dk is providing services such as IT Outsourcing, Development, CMS Development and Art Director driven WEB Development for larger enterprises.

The references includes TOP50 companies in Denmark, Scandinavia and Germany including public service companies.

Out of the 700 specialists, the 220 specialists cover the standard Open Source software e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop. The agile business model, Agiludvikling.dk can replace many known functions in companies at half the price and time, while still improving compliance and quality for most functions. For more information, please visit: http://agiludvikling.dk/agile/

Kindly regards from Michael Rasmussen
CEO, Rekrutteringsfirmaet A/S, Phone: +45 31951111 ext. 277